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Help For Water Billing Online Account Access
All amounts shown are as of the current date and do not include any pending payments, unposted adjustments, or amounts not yet billed.

Please see our disclaimer regarding the use of this information. If you have any questions, you may email them to

Accessing Your Account For The First Time

If you have never accessed your Water billing account for your current address, you will need to create a "PIN" (personal identification number), which is just a password.

Creating a PIN only needs to be done one time for an account. Afterward, you sign in by entering your billing account number and your PIN.

To create your PIN, be sure to have your most-recent bill handy. Then, visit our Sign On page and click the Create Your PIN link at left.

On your billing statement, in the upper right-hand corner find your Account Number and Cycle-Route. Type these exactly as shown - including the dashes - then click the Submit button.

If you entered the information correctly, you will next be prompted to enter a PIN, a hint, and your email address. Your PIN can be any combination of letters and numbers, and is case-sensitive - for ease of use, we recommend that all letters in your PIN be entered in lowercase. The PIN hint is simply a reminder to you of what your PIN is.

Be sure to provide a valid email address: we will be sending you an email containing information necessary to complete your registration. A mis-typed or invalid email address will prevent you from receiving that information and from using our site.

Once you submit this information, please check your email account for the address you provided. Most people will receive our instructions within 10 minutes or so. Depending on your email system, our email message may be flagged as spam. Be sure to disable any automatic spam deletion or you may miss our message!

Our email will include a link for you to click on (or copy & paste into your web browser's Address box). Clicking that link will return you to our site, where you will be asked to sign-in again using the same account number and the PIN you created. Once that is done, your account information will be displayed.


Accessing Your Account

Once you've created a PIN and successfully logged-on, you can access your account at any later date by signing in using your Account Number and your PIN.

If you don't remember your PIN or it does not seem to be working, please see Forgot Your PIN or Other Problems Signing-In? sections below.


Forgot Your PIN?

Our sign-on page includes a link on the left side of the screen for "Forgot Your PIN?".

Clicking this will display a screen for you to enter your billing Account Number. Submitting that information will generate an email to the email address you specified when you first signed-up and created your PIN. That email will contain your PIN and your PIN hint.

NOTE: See below if your email address has recently changed.


Other Problems Signing-In?

Here are some solutions to try if you are unable to sign-in:

Forgot Your PIN?: Please see above for instructions.

PINs are case-sensitive: Be sure to enter your PIN exactly as you created it. If you used only lowercase letters (recommended), make sure that your keyboard's CAPS-LOCK function is off when typing your PIN.

Account numbers must include the dash: Be sure to enter your account number exactly as it appears on your bill, INCLUDING the dash. Be sure also that the correct account number is being typed.

Do you have a sewer bill account with the Manchester Environmental Protection Division?: If so, note that your Sewer Bill account number will be different from your Water Bill - be sure you are using the Water Bill account number to sign-in to our site. (Click here for access to your Manchester Water Works account online.)

If all else fails: Please send an email to, and include your name, service address, and account number. Or, you can contact us by telephone during normal business hours at (603) 624-6494.


If You Move To A New Residence

If you have established an online account with us, and then move to a new home within our service area, you will be issued a new account number at your new location. You will have to create a new online account with us by following the instructions above to Create Your PIN. This usually means that you must wait for your first bill from us to arrive in the mail, so that you will know your new account number.

Your old account number and PIN will still work, but will only show information from your previous residence.


If Your Email Address Changes

When you first sign up with our online account access service, we require you to specify a valid email address. We use that email address to verify your identity (by sending you a confirmatory email) and to contact you by email for reasons such as forgetting a PIN.

If your email address changes after you've signed up with us, you should update your account accordingly. We have no way of knowing what your new email address is unless you tell us.

To update your email address with us, first sign-in to your account in the normal fashion. Click on the Account Maintenance link at left. On the page that appears, click the Change Your Email Information button and follow the instructions on the page that appears next.

A confirmatory email message will be sent to the new email address you provided.


What Information Is Available Online?

Our online account access provides information on your current account balance, payment history, and consumption (usage) history.

You may also change your PIN and email address at any time.


Can I Pay My Water Bill Online?

Residential customers may pay their bill online by clicking the Pay Now link that appears at left once the customer has signed in.
As part of Manchester Water Works commitment to provide our customers with efficient, convenient service, we have partnered through the City of Manchester with Official Payments Corp.® to offer payment of your bills over the Internet. Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover® credit and debit cards are now accepted for payment over the Internet.

A $3.00 convenience fee will be charged for each payment made online. This additional fee is charged directly by Official Payments Corporation®, the online payment service provider, and is not refundable. Neither the Manchester Water Works nor the City of Manchester receives any part of this fee.

Please allow up to four business days for online payments to be credited to your account. If viewing your account online, there will be no indication of your online payment until it has been credited to your account.